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SteriBlue manufactures and sells dental products, including a range of high quality surgical masks to satisfy the most exacting practitioners. SteriBlue surgical masks are soft and non-irritant, making them extremely comfortable.

In addition to their excellent filtration (98% at 3.1µ), they offer optimal breathability.

SteriBlue surgical masks are latex-free and fiberglass-free, and have an anti-fog nasal bar.

They are available in three versions and two colors (for masks with elastic loops):
blue with ties or elastic loops and green with elastic loops.

SteriBlue has expanded its collection of surgical masks with the addition of a facemask with eyeshield enabling the practitioner or assistant to protect their face while working, without the use of protective glasses. These masks share the same characteristics as the blue surgical masks with elastic loops, with the eyeshield being anti-fog coated for optimal working comfort.