OdontoKit M1Single-use, odontology kit

  • Single use
  • Sterile-EO
  • Non sterile
  • CE-0499
  • Do not resterilize


This single-use set includes all the instruments and accessories required for a dental examination and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination


• 1 transparent PVC blister (218 x 150 mm) containing 3 double-ended instruments:


1 plane mirror (genuine glass mirror is fixed using adhesive and sealed)/cement spatula

1 explorer/ball-end burnisher

1 tweezers/spatula

Supplied with plastic caps on the metal tips of explorers and tweezers to avoid risk of injury or damage to instruments

Instruments are manufactured from blue, non autoclavable ABS and stainless steel

The mirror is fixed using SA 320-type adhesive

• 1 patient bib with ties (450 x 400 mm)

Ultra-absorbent, 3-ply

2 layers of cellulose

1 waterproof polyethylene film

Color: blue


• 1 x 3-ply face mask with elasticated, latex-free ear loops and ultrasonic bonding

- excellent filtration (99.6% at 3.1 μ)

- fiberglass-free

- with anti-fog nasal bar

• 1 x 2-ply drape (450 x 375 mm)

- 1 layer absorbent spunlace (26 g/m2)

- 1 layer waterproof PP (24 g/m2)

- Color: blue

• The kit incorporates a tracking label

Packaging Reference
Box of 10 kits SB-ODONTOKI-M1