QuickTip Applicators with flexible tips

  • CE
  • Single use

For efficient application of resin sealant, etching gel or adhesives

• The handle of the applicators is 103 mm long for greater precision and better access to posterior teeth or difficult-to-reach areas

• The diameter of the handle is ideal and ensures excellent grip and control

• The tip can be bent to the required angle

• The tip is manufactured from non absorbent material and does not shed fibers


• The ‘micro’ model has a finer tip for even greater precision

• Available in 5 colors: green, yellow, red, blue & black

• Supplied in a clear plastic tube of 100 single-color tips

Colors Packaging Model Reference
Box of 100 pieces Standard DP QKTIP MEDRED
Box of 100 pieces Standard DP QKTIP MEDVER
Box of 100 pieces Standard DP QKTIP MEDJAU
Box of 100 pieces Fine DP QKTIP MEDMIC