Re-Vestment Universal RefractoUniversal Phosphate Cement Investment

A single investment for all your prostheses!

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Universal Re-Vestment 

Carbon-free phosphate cement investment with zirconium oxide for improved protection of alloys

The thinner, at constant pH and mineralization, is fully compatible with the expansion liquid and guarantees its setting expansion

Its extreme fluidity allows for very precise use; demolding and pickling are easy, resulting in an excellent surface finish

Universal use means it is suitable for:

- crowns, bridges and dentures (using metal frameworks with photopolymerizable resin models)

- classic or rapid setting

- with or without a cylinder

- all alloys (except titanium)

Product Plus: the box containing the predosed powder can be used to transport the prosthesis


Packaging Reference
Introductory set of 3 kg R-REV-INTRO
Bulk box of 3 kg R-REV-POWD/3
Box of 3 kg (30 x1 50g) R-REV-POWD150/30
Expansion liquid 1,000 ml R-REV-EXP-LIQ
Thinner 1,000 ml R-REV-DIL-LIQ